A statement calling for action to ensure groundwater benefits society now and into the future was drafted at the recent Chapman conference in Valencia, Spain. It urges international and national governmental and non-governmental agencies, development organizations, corporations, decision-makers and scientists to support global groundwater sustainability. The global group of scientists who helped to prepare the draft recognize that many of you, influential actors in the science and policy of groundwater sustainability, were not able be present but hope that you will support this initiative.

The declaration has been signed by several IAH members, including IAH President Antonio Chambel and Secretary General Bruce Misstear, who commented, “Groundwater is still misunderstood and poorly managed in many regions. It is therefore important that IAH supports initiatives like the ‘Declaration of Groundwater Sustainability’ ”

You can see the statement and add your name to the growing list of signatures at www.groundwaterstatement.org. You can also share this 1) by email to your personal networks of scientists, practitioners and experts in groundwater and related fields; 2) on social media using #groundwaterstatement and link to webpage; and 3) on your blogs or in newsletters. Together our diverse voices from across the world can be heard!

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas on how to spread the word, please contact Tom Gleeson tgleeson@uvic.ca.

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Source: IAH