The next IAH Council election takes place this year and all members who have paid their IAH membership fees are entitled to vote. At their meeting in September 2019, IAH Council appointed the Executive Manager, Ian Davey, as the Returning Officer, who will supervise the election.

The nomination period for candidates took place from 1 January – 31 March 2020, with the call for nominations publicised on our website, regularly in member mailings and in the News and Information magazine.

The list of prospective candidates is given below. Information including personal statements for each candidate is almost finalised for viewing. Election papers will be distributed by email and by mail to eligible members from 1 July, with full instructions on how to vote.

The candidates

We confirm that we have received nominations for each of the Council positions (we also explain the responsibilities for each post):

  • Dave Kreamer (USA) is standing for President, who represents IAH with other organisations and chairs the Board of Directors of the Charity, the General Meeting of the Association and the Executive Committee
  • Jane Dottridge (UK) is standing for Secretary General, who has responsibilities particularly for external relationships and also for some internal groups
  • Teodóra Sözcs (Hungary) is standing for Vice President, Finance and Membership, with responsibility for corporate finances (income stream, planned budget and actual expenditure) and developing membership
  • Ralf Klingbeil (Germany) is standing for Vice President, Programme and Science Coordination, with responsibilities for commissions, networks and promotion of science, internally and externally
  • The Regional Vice Presidents provide stewardship of IAH interests and coordination of national chapters in a particular region. The candidates are:
    • For Asia: Dr Devender Kumar Chadha (India) and Professor Han Zaisheng (China)
    • For Australasia and the Pacific: Sarah Bourke (Australia) and Theo Sarris (New Zealand)
    • For Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Natalia Vinograd (Russia)
    • For Europe (West and Central): Marco Petitta (Italy)
    • For Latin America and the Caribbean: Carlos Molano (Colombia)
    • For Middle East and North Africa: Joanna Doummar (Lebanon) and Ahmed Fekri (Morocco)
    • For North America: Grant Ferguson (Canada), Gary Robbins (USA) and Mike Wireman (USA)
    • For Sub Saharan Africa: Seifu Kebede Gurmessa (Ethiopia), Ahmad Abubakar Kana (Nigeria) and Kevin Pietersen (South Africa)

Questions or Comments?

Contact Ian Davey, Returning Officer, at

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