The author W. Somerset Maugham is often quoted (in the UK, at least…) when times get difficult. The quote from which the title of this news piece is taken is “We live in uncertain times and our all may yet be taken from us”.

We’re certainly not in that situation, but for the IAH, being a UK based charity, with its income mainly being in euro and its expenditure mainly pounds sterling, the ongoing confusion over Brexit has great potential to affect our finances, as exchange rates react to each stage of this drama.

For those of you far from the Europe, you may consider this to be a little local difficulty, though to quote another (António Guterres, UN Secretary-General):

“While global economic indicators remain largely favourable, they do not tell the whole story. The ‘World Economic Situation and Prospects 2019’ underscores that behind these numbers, one can discern a build-up in short-term risks that are threatening global growth prospects. More fundamentally, the report raises concerns over the sustainability of global economic growth in the face of rising financial, social and environmental challenges.”

Despite these concerns, we consider that the IAH’s finances remain sound. With continued careful financial management and hopefully ongoing growth in our membership and corporate support, we believe this will continue to be the case. With this in mind we will continue to promote and support all fields of hydrogeology as our members and supporters expect.

Teodora Szocs, Vice President, Finance and Membership

Ian Davey, Executive Manager


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Source: IAH