We are saddened to report the death from cancer of Brian Morris in July.  Having started out on a career in the banking industry, Brian quickly decided on a complete change of direction and re-trained as a geologist and then undertook the Master’s course in Hydrogeology at University College, London. After graduating, he spent the greatest part of his working life in the groundwater programme of the British Geological Survey.

During this time, he took part in many of BGS’ technical cooperation projects, including periods in the 1970s in Yemen and Sri Lanka. From 1982 to 1987, he was resident in Honduras, working on groundwater investigations for Tegucigalpa, other towns, rural communities and irrigation.  In the mid-1990s, he was seconded to the UK’s National Rivers Authority (now Environment Agency) to lead on some of their groundwater activities. He continued to have an interest in urban impacts on groundwater quality, working on city assessments in Kyrghystan and Bangladesh and advising extensively elsewhere in the world, and published extensively on urban groundwater issues.  Brian was a committed member of IAH, particularly contributing to congresses in the Spanish-speaking part of the world.

Brian was an active member of his village community, continuing to serve as a Parish Councillor until early 2019, stepping down after 24 years. He was also Secretary of the Village Hall Management Committee for 14 years and a trustee of a village charity, also for 24 years.    Brian was an enthusiastic gardener, growing most vegetables from seed, but what he really enjoyed after retiring was having time to learn to fly a glider and scuba diving.   He and Liz took up camping again, and playing with his young grandsons also gave him much pleasure.  IAH colleagues will remember a hard-working and enthusiastic hydrogeologist, committed to guiding and supporting those with whom he worked, and generous with his encouragement for younger members of our profession.

Source: IAH