scam alertWe have again received reports of attempts to defraud members of IAH by scam email. Such attempts can include apparent requests from an IAH colleague for financial assistance based on a supposed emergency situation far from home. Unfortunately, these activities can take advantage of the global goodwill of IAH in making volunteer names publicly available on the website and on chapter, commission and network sites. These activities are sadly becoming commonplace.

Often it is clear that these emails have come from fake addresses, but sometimes the emails can look very convincing. Please be careful when dealing with any emails that might be suspicious. Ask yourselves, ‘Would this person contact me in this way about this matter?’ If you receive any suspicious emails of this sort please reject them as spam. Often the generating email address is via gmail, which you can report to Google here: If you have serious concerns about any emails, please contact and We also encourage you to report suspicious emails to the authorities in your country so that they can help fight international cyber crime.

Source: IAH