We are happy to make a call for nominations from our members for the 2018 “Applied Hydrogeology” award, which will be presented at the 45th Congress in Korea.

The criteria: IAH will present the award to a groundwater professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the application of hydrogeology, preferentially in developing countries or in support of international development efforts. Hydrogeological problems are often discussed from an academic point of view but solutions and applications in the field usually require pragmatic thinking and sometimes unconventional approaches. The panel will give particular emphasis in their evaluation to work which has contributed to an increase in living standards in developing countries. Who do you regard as being worthy of such an award?

Any IAH member may nominate a candidate, but self-nominations will not be accepted. Proposals should reach the IAH Secretariat by e-mail (info@iah.org) as a one single pdf-file before July 1st 2018, and should include:

  • An explanatory statement by the person submitting the proposal;
  • A letter of recommendation by any other supporter;
  • A brief curriculum vitae of the candidate;
  • A list of projects the candidate has carried out, including aims, region and period of time;
  • A list of projects (planned or accepted), patents, publications or equivalent information.

The total submission should not exceed 5 pages of text in one coherent pdf-file. A panel of three appointed by Council will evaluate the proposals. We look forward to receiving your nominations for the award’s continuing success.

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