After eight years in office, the IAH Karst Commission (KC) has been handed over to a new team of Chairmen.

As IAH members will recall, Nico Goldscheider (Germany) served as Chairman of this Commission from 2009 to 2017, supported by two Co-Chairs, Neven Kresic (USA) and Jiang Guanghui (China). Over the course of this period KC members have met annually, at nine international conferences, during which the Commission also organised scientific sessions and field trips. Members of the commission have jointly published numerous books and special issues dedicated to karst hydrogeology, including a series of “Reviews in Karst Hydrogeology” consisting – to date – of eight papers. It has also established the “Young Karst Researcher Prize”, with the total of 27 awardees since 2009. Several international training courses have been developed and offered on four continents.

Earlier in 2017 the former team of Chairmen jointly decided to retire, to make room for new people and ideas, and organised transparent elections for a new team, with the input of IAH’s Secretariat. This was the first time that an IAH commission had organised such an election process using the anonymous electronic voting system.

On 18 September 2017, Zoran Stevanovic (Serbia), Augusto Auler (Brazil) and Cheng Zhang (China) were elected for a period of 4 years as a team of three Chairmen of equal standing, with rotating leadership. Zoran Stevanovic is currently serving as the first Principal Chairman within this rotating system. The new team organised the annual Karst Commission meeting during the 44th IAH Congress in Dubrovnik, which was attended by more than 50 members and friends of the commission. At the meeting, Nico Goldscheider was unanimously elected to the newly established position of Past Chair of the Karst Commission.

Zoran Stevanovic (the new Chairman) and Nico Goldscheider (Past Chair)

Source: IAH